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Awards Information


  Medals presented for each age group as outlined.

  • Individual awards are A-1 Award medals
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd will receive the regional size award
    • 4th and below will receive the state size award
  • Individual awards per level/age group/division
    • If there are 5 or less gymnasts in an age group
      • 1st place event
      • 1st-3rd place all-around
    • If there are 6-12 gymnasts in an age group
      • 1st-5th place event
      • 1st-5th place all-around
    • If there are 13-29 gymnasts in an age group
      • 1st-10th place event
      • 1st-10th place all-around
    • If there are 30+ gymnasts in an age group
      • 1st-15th place event
      • 1st-15th place all-around