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Dear Clubs and Coaches,

Congratulations on your athlete's qualification to Region 5 Championships! 

Recently the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued an order that mandates COVID testing of all athletes between the ages of 13 to19 yrs competing in  Michigan.  This does include out of state athletes.  This can be a Rapid Antigen test, a PCR test is not required.  The test must be performed within a week of the date the athlete competes and results must be recorded on the attached form.

The form below must be filled out by each club that has an athlete competing in Region 5 Championships.  Please only submit one form per club.  This form must be returned to Cindy Scharns at on or before Wednesday, April 14th or your athlete(s) will be unable to perform.  We also ask that you bring a hard copy of this form incase there is a question.

Please note:  If your athlete has been diagnosed with COVID in within the past 90 days (from date of competition), they do not need to test and may compete.  Please note the date of the positive diagnosis on the form.  Thank you!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have.  We recognize this is an unexpected requirement and appreciate your assistance in making this happen for your athlete.

Thank you for your continued support of our Region 5 gymnasts.

2021 Region 5 Championships

April 15-18, 2021